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UsualWords (edit)

Launched: Aug. 31, 2011,


UsualWords is the best place to preserve your whole life on the Internet. It's an online network where people can share their life experiences, browse through experiences of interest, follow friends/like-minded people, and share opinion on life experiences they have access to.

UsualWords allows you to share your life - past, present, and future as a life-map/timeline with each life experience mapped to a date on which it actually took place. You can categorize your life experiences as memories, events, goals, dreams, thoughts, or can choose from other available categories. Association of time to life experiences, and their categorization helps in making your life-map more organized, presentable, and as close to your real life it can be. You can attach keywords to each life experience you share to make readers know to which areas of life it relates to. With UsualWords visibility filter, you can make your life experience accessible to yourself, your friends, or everyone on the network.

To make life-sharing experience more interactive, UsualWords presents statistics, and trends on user as well as community level. These trends, and statistics tell you what part of the life user/people are sharing, and to which areas of life most of their experiences relate to. While reading a life experience, or viewing a user's life-map, UsualWords suggests you other people who are sharing similar part of their life which you can follow or make friends.

You can add to your favorites all the life experiences you like as you read them. This helps in easy access to life experiences of your interest at one place. Using UsualWords, you can broadcast, and auto-post life experiences to social networks like Facebook, and Google+.

UsualWords gives you another awesome feature i.e recommendation of life experiences to your friends. Using this feature, you can recommend a life experience of your interest to your friends which takes the life-sharing experience to a new level.

With UsualWords, life-sharing is fun, and simple. All you need are these usual words to share your life with your family, friends, and the world.