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FaceRank.PK (edit)

Launched: April 28, 2011,


In our daily life, we need different professional services (e.g. doctors, lawyers, accountants ), interact with different organizations (e.g. banks, schools) and purchase different products. Sometimes we end up with very bad experience. Then, we wish - what if someone who already knew this had told us earlier. In advanced societies this function is done by consumer protection societies/organizations but in Pakistan we lack those. It is for this purpose that we have created FaceRank.PK

Simply put, FaceRank.PK is a website that helps you make informed decisions by allowing you to use the collective experience of other people. More specifically it allows you to explore the wisdom of your social network, by allowing you access to the rankings and comments of people that you trust. For that we have integrated FaceRank.PK with Facebook. This way you can see who is recommended by your friends/family, and what is their experience with a particular professional, company etc.

But it is a two way street, you will get to use the experience of others only if you share yours. If you hold back so will others. So please join us in promoting what is good and curtailing what is not, by sharing with others what we know and/or has experienced.