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Since: March 27, 2007, Emplyees: 20 - 50


We're a start-up, designing better ways to communicate for anyone and everyone. With our technologies, people around the world can do more with their handsets than just making voice calls.


  • Turn Them into Loyal Customers, the Pring Way

    If you think bombarding consumers with one way push messages will get their attention, you’re right. But it’s not the kind of attention that will bring you sales. In fact, it will probably repulse them. Instead of driving them away, do it the right way with Pring, and watch how ...

  • It’s Time to go Mobile: Pring 101 Classrooms

    Mobile marketing in Pakistan has taken off, and Pring is at the reigns. The team has held Pring 101 Classroom sessions in Lahore and Karachi, attended by agencies and corporate marketing teams to learn how to do mobile marketing right. Digitial agency Bramerz were the very first attendees of the ...

  • Measuring Which Medium Works

    Advertise smartly with Pring How can you tell which advertising medium is most effective in getting a reaction from consumers? For the first time, you can measure exactly which medium catches the most attention. Whether it’s print, television, billboards, on- ground activation, or roadside streamers, Pring can tell you where ...

  • Spammers Beware!

    Marketing can, at times, be a ‘monkey-see-monkey-do’ practice. Come up with an innovative idea and the industry is ready to follow suit. But if the success of an ad campaign or a marketing shenanigan can apply to one product from the other then dangers and warnings apply too, and so ...

  • Pring in the Spotlight at PAS Awards 2013!

    It’s time to brush off your best tuxedo and take those Manolos out of their protective glass case! It’s award night for all advertisers across the country, the third annual event held by the Pakistan Advertiser’s Society. If communication is the one word that can defines advertising, then Pring, being ...

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Phone: +92 42 3758 7140
Address: Pring (Pvt) Ltd 49-C Jail Road, Lahore, P.O. Box 676 Lahore 54000, Pakistan